One of the most sensitive and challenging topics in a professional relationship is the cost of the services being purchased.  At Fisher, Skrobot & Sheraw, LLC our goal is to be fair to our clients and fair to the economic realties of our firm. We believe that the fees we charge accomplish both of those objectives.

Fee Structure

Unlike some other firms, we do not believe that free consultations are in the long-term best interests of either the client or the firm.   Our experience has told us that only clients with a committed interest in their legal problem will carry through.  Many legal issues are quite complex and an initial consultation can only provide the broadest outline of the issues and cannot serve as a basis for providing legal opinions or recommendations.


Our rates are competitive with other firms of our size and experience.  We make every effort to keep fees reasonable and to keep you informed on a regular basis about the cost associated with your case.  We also utilize our paralegals whenever possible in a further attempt at cost control.


We require retainers for all cases.  The amount of retainer can range from $500 for certain estate planning matters to $5,000 or more for litigation matters.  The amount of the retainer cannot be fairly determined until the full extent of the issues are known.  Normally a retainer must be paid before any substantive work is begun.  Once the initial retainer has been exhausted, it must generally be replenished throughout the case.


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